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Napier Pro9 Hearing Protection

Effective noise cancelling technology without batteries, electronics, valves or any moving parts! Unique patented sound chamber technology, directs damaging sounds away from the ear canal, where they are dampened, refracted and cancelled, completely out performing other hearing protection. Low level sound, such as speech, is perfectly clear. Over 32 decibels of noise reduction, evenly across all frequencies. These defenders are not inserted into the ear canal, meaning they are vastly more comfortable than sonic, passive or electronic ear plugs. The lightweight unit is barely noticeable when worn and can therefore be used for long periods without discomfort, vitally important when used by instructors, students, beaters, trappers etc. The unit only weighs 40 grams 1.7 ones. Waterproof Can be folded and carrier in a shirt pocket or small bag!


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Developed from years of auditory research at various universities the Pro 9 is a marvel of science at work. The Pro 9 patented technology, with its simplicity and its value, it puts cutting edge hearing protection within everyone’s reach.
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