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Gun Fitting

Free Gun Fitting with Every Purchase
At Premier Guns, we understand the importance of proper gun fit. We've built a reputation for providing customers with perfect fitting guns that help them take their shooting to the next level.

A big part of this is selecting the right gun in the first place. Sometimes this means steering a customer towards the most suitable gun, and away from the most profitable one. But that's what sets us apart: if you take our advice, you'll never leave Premier Guns with an ill-fitting gun.

But it's not just existing customers who benefit from our expert gun fitting service. If you've got a gun that you're not happy with, call and arrange a free consultation. Our expert gun fitting service is available to anyone for just £75 + VAT.

To book your gun fit, or arrange a free consultation, simply call the shop on 01889 565982.

About Premier Guns
About Premier Guns
A poorly fitting gun can be responsible for all manner of bad shooting habits, inconsistency in your mount, or even serious long-term pain and discomfort.

So if you have any intention of shooting regularly, a
proper gun fit is essential to ensuring your safety and performance

The aim of our gun fitting session is to:

    • Make sure your gun fits perfectly, this means everything from length of pull, comb height, cast       etc.

    • Help you perfect a consistent gun mount, and

    Tackle any other issues that may be holding you back - like eye dominance for example.

If your gun simply doesn't fit you - instead of proceeding with the fitting, we'll point you in the direction of something more suitable. 

Independent Onsite Gunsmith
Simon Willmore
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