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How to buy a gun online

In accordance with UK law, a shotgun can only be purchased in person with a valid shotgun license. This is obtained through your local police department.

However you can place a deposit on a gun if you would like us to reserve it for you until you are able to complete the purchase in person. This means you can place a deposit on a gun if you are waiting for your license to arrive in the post, for example - you just won't be able to collect the gun until you are in possession of a valid license and are able to travel to either us or your local registered firearms dealer.

Please be aware that deposits are non refundable and we reserve the right to sell a gun that has a deposit placed on it if the person who has placed the deposit neither completes the payment or contacts us to arrange payment within a 3 month period. Therefore please do not place a deposit on a gun that you either do not fully intend to purchase, or are not legally able to do so. 

Any more questions, don't hesitate to ring us on 01889 565982. Our team will be more than happy to help.